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Neoluxe Ltd – Studio of Design and Architecture, Ekaterinburg

The main type of business is reconstruction of public and private premises, design and architecture. Ekaterinburg, Revda, Karabash, Novouralsk, Rezh, Polevskoy, Kasli. Objects designed by the studio are located in these cities.

Design-studio develops detailed projects, beginning from the concept, which determines general design and artistic solution of interior, selects surfacing materials, furniture, lightning, accessories. Develops working design with detailed study of plans, developments. Creates the computer 3D model of interior, determines expenses and delivery times of surfacing materials, furniture and performance of repair and construction.

The special feature of workshop is the principle of the complexity of the solutions of architectural, construction, designer and artistic tasks, and also the possibility of the studio in design and realization both the project as a whole and the separate artistic elements of the interior: the artistic paintings of walls and ceilings, the artistic application of decorative coatings.

The pricelist contains the author's supervision which is performed by a designer. The specialists will easily make repair and trimming using our interior design project, which was tested with long-term successful partnership.

Patents and the diplomas: Certificate. INSTITUTE CLADE-NICOLAS LEDOUX Saline Royale, Art-et-Senans, France 2001.
The International Architectural Diploma of participation in "Garret in the less-storey buildings" competition on 22 March 2001 (City of Moscow).
The International Architectural Competition of diploma projects First Degree Diploma (MOOSAO) 21-28 September of 2003. (City of Penza).
 The International Architectural Competition of diploma projects First Degree Diploma (personal creative workshop under the management of Breusov A.A.) 21-28 September of 2003 (City of Penza)
The Diploma of Participation in the competition of student’s creativity for the years 2001-2003.
First Degree Diploma of the Annual International Architecture and Design Festival "Eurasian Reward 2005" in the competition "Architecture and city planning" in the nomination: public complexes, buildings and constructions (entertainment, sport, administrative, training, office, commercial) in the project division.

Russian interior design is in the process of developing and is the echo of European design. But it was not like this all the time. Russian designers revolutionized the world of design in 1920’s. This was cubism, suprematism, Kandinsky, other names and “ism’s”, but it was impossible to embody their ideas since there weren’t necessary materials and technologies.

Nowadays the tendency is determined – European and Western countries only consider unique developments for Russia and are attempting to fit them to themselves. The proper way for Russia was not to copy what is in use abroad but to try to find something new or to recall what was well forgotten. It is necessary to try to transform new materials to make something new, something revolutionary.

Furniture dictates if the interior design is in fashion. And the annual international furniture exhibition in Milan determines which furniture is in fashion. Italians dictate what is in style. But it’s a big question if Italian style is suitable for our country. First of all the climate in our country is not that hot. The black-and-white interior is very popular in sunny Italy, but unacceptable for our type of nature. Instead we need something bright, juicy, and cheerful. On the second place the minimalism which is trendy in world’s furniture fashion dictates high performance quality. This type of furniture is very expensive and only some can afford it.

As a matter of fact our customers would like to have something “timeless”. Some request the design which will contain no design, because otherwise this would be the author’s self-realization, the idea which the author attempts to implement, but the customers want to see something of their own.

I’m constantly trying to create something new, but it’s not that simple because it requires customer’s understanding and approval. The interior design is the part of the culture. When we live in the interesting, artistically valuable interior, we also become developed in a cultural way. There is a dialogue between us and interior. It teaches us, forces us to think. If people would wish to live in harmony, to step away from ordinary everyday problems and to attain something new then the Golden Era for designers would begin.

It seems to me that many customers don’t even realize how far the technologies in living accommodations went ahead. There is nothing impossible for interior designer nowadays. The only thing that limits us is our cultural awareness and financial possibilities.

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